Adrenal Fatigue

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 Dr. Shay discusses “Chronic Stress, Brain Imbalance, and Adrenal Fatigue”on “Food as Medicine” podcast with Dr. Anh: – Released Oct 26, 2015

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Signs and Symptoms

*Tiredness: Waking up tired, mid-morning slump, mid-afternoon slump, needing caffeine in the morning to get going, higher energy in evenings when you ‘should’ be tired.

*Change in body shape: More weight around the belly, harder to lose fat, weight gain.

*Hormone changes: Lower libido, hormone changes, increased PMS, insomnia/difficulty sleeping.

*Food cravings: Crave salt, sugar, and/or fat. Snacking uncontrollably, feel worse if skip a meal.

*If stand up too quickly, feel unwell: lightheaded, dizzy, see lights, or even blackout.

*Recurring skin and lung issues: Skin rashes, itching, asthma, hayfever, chronic bronchitis.

*Predisposing factors: Long periods of stress (e.g. family member’s illness, custody battle), severe physical trauma (e.g. car accident), stressful job (e.g. corporate job, shift work), chronic disease (e.g. Type II diabetes), history of infection (e.g. candida), history of corticosteroids, acutely stressful event (e.g. death in the family, chemical exposure, surgery, divorce, fired from job).

Causes of Adrenal fatigue

There are multiple causes of adrenal fatigue, both chronic stressors and acute/extreme moments in time. The problem is that both types of stressors are additive. Usually what happens is that people have several chronic stressors for several years, then a major stressful event happens (fired from a job, sudden death in the family, car accident, legal notice, divorce papers, etc.) and you can’t recover.

There are 4 main categories of causes for adrenal fatigue: Neurological, Biochemical, Physical, and Mental/Emotional.

The problem with typical blood tests for adrenal fatigue

Typical blood tests ordered by a standard medical doctor/general practitioner are limited because they:

  1. Only measure someone’s cortisol one time in a day (not the rhythm through out the day),
  2. Measure both bound- and free-cortisol and lump them together as the same thing (they are not. Only the free cortisol is what your body is actually using at the time), and
  3. Have a wide range of ‘normals’ that are based on statistical norms, not clinical norms, where only the bottom and top 2.5% are considered a problem. This is equivalent to saying if your shoe size falls between 6 and 13, you’re ‘normal’, so here’s a size 9 and good luck, no need to be specific.

A much more accurate test is the 4-spot adrenocortex saliva test, which is taken 4 times over a day, is easy to take (no blood draws), and is way more accurate because saliva contains free cortisol, not bound cortisol.

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