Gaming Disorder

I overcame a 25-year gaming disorder.
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How to curb gaming disorder

How to curb gaming disorder

Get the ebook if you struggle with a gaming disorder (or video game addiction).
If you are a concerned relative or friend of someone with a gaming disorder, get the guidebook to help you help them.

This ebook teaches:

  • How to recognize a gaming disorder,
  • Why video games are so addictive.
  • The 2018 statistics on who the gamers really are (hint: it’s not the stereotypical under-18 male).
  • My personal journey through a 25-year video game addiction.
  • The problems of vicarious gaming (aka: watching other gamers on Youtube or Twitch).
  • The 7 ways to game less
  • The 5-phase process to stop gaming disorder completely.
  • Bonuses include an audio-version and a video-walkthrough version of the eBook.

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Got Gaming Disorder?

Learn to stop gaming disorder now.
Written by a former gamer who
stopped his 25-year gaming disorder.

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