Face to Face Coaching over Skype: For those non-local to New Zealand or not close enough to drive to the clinic in Hamilton, Dr. Sam Shay offers a 3-12 month coaching programs to transform your health and your life.

Coaching programs available:

  • Reversing Video Game Addiction, please view my video game addiction page and fill out the appropriate survey there
  • Reversing Adrenal Fatigue, please fill out this survey here.
    • This program is also excellent for dealing with:
      • Stubborn weight loss,
      • Hormone imbalances,
      • Supervised cleanses/detoxification

Personal coaching is right for you if…

  • You want someone to break down nutrition and exercise into simple step-by-step protocols.
  • You are committed to creating the time, energy, and focus to implement recommendations 100%.
  • You are ready to make positive changes in your life.
  • You are a self-starter.
  • You want more time with less stress.
  • You want simple, low-tech tools that make sense.
  • You want a practical approach that doesn’t make you look ‘weird’ to your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • You are overwhelmed by all the different health programs, products, protocols, and personalities.
  • You have something you’rw devoted to greater than yourself (e.g. your family, a cause, etc.) to motivate you to succeed.
  • You have at least a part-time job and/or financial support.
  • You have “tried everything” and have had temporary, marginal, or no results.

Personal coaching is NOT for you if…

  • You are unwilling to learn new ways to exercise, eat, sleep, or think.
  • You have unresolved rebelliousness issues and view any health recommendation that changes your current routine as an affront to your independence.
  • You prioritize your finances on personal comfort rather than personal progress.
  • You are unwilling to ask for support from those closest to you.
  • You willingly allow others to sabotage your efforts to make positive changes to your lifestyle.
  • You are unwilling to question your stressful belief systems around your health, life, and food.
  • You are not devoted to something greater than yourself (e.g. your family, a cause, etc.) to help motivate you.
  • You are not an action taker.

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