10 Pillar Method & Functional Testing

A fully customized synthesis of aligned lifestyle changes to help you achieve lasting, sustainable wellness

Experience a customized lifestyle health plan at your fingertips.

In this 60 min call, you will walk away with an in-depth, comprehensive health analysis, a full walkthrough of 10 Pillar Method™, functional and/or genetics lab recommendations, and customized lifestyle tips to start feeling better immediately. The functional tests will tell us what underlying biochemistry has been damaged so we can customize a nutritional program specific to your metabolism.

The 10 Pillar Method™ Call includes:

  • • Your in-depth, comprehensive 10 Pillar Method™ health analysis across all 10 pillars
  • • 60-mins of one-to-one dedicated support with me, Dr. Sam
  • • A detailed email follow-up including your personalized functional and/or genetics lab recommendations and customized lifestyle tips to start feeling better immediately
Your Investment: $747
Ten Pillar Method

The Process

Pay and Schedule Your 60 minute Virtual Health Analysis call

Once you pay for your virtual call, you'll receive an email with an extensive survey. This survey must be completed 7 days before your health analysis call.

During your call we'll dive deep

During this virtual consult, we will review in detail your survey and what your next steps will be (lifestyle changes, nutrition, and functional testing if required).​

After the call within 72 hours you'll receive a detailed followup

After your call you'll be sent a detailed session note which will include recommended testing and lifestyle recommendations in order of priority to help you feel better as quickly as possible.

A look inside The 10 Pillars of Health™ and Functional Lab Tests:

"Working with Sam has been the answer I have been looking for."

For years, I have worked with countless health practitioners because I knew something was simply off in my body. I’ve gone through countless tests for thyroid, cortisol, heavy metals, even DNA testing only to come up empty handed with no answers.

I started off taking the DNA tests which I love the idea of getting to the root of what my body needs. Dr. Sam was meticulous with his follow up session and the knowledge of what was going on in my body. He was the first doctor to help me realize that extra weight is not always about calories in and calories out. After years of exercising and eating meticulously I never lost weight but instead felt puffy and even inflamed.

Dr. Sam shared that the extra weight could be from inflammation causing water retention or hormonal imbalance influenced by my liver genes not detoxing hormones properly. Once I started the supplement protocol, I had a feeling there was something wrong with my digestion.

After a short consult, Dr. Sam suggested a functional test for digestion. The results were exactly what I suspected. He compiled a custom supplement protocol and my body immediately responded positively.

Within days, I noticed a shift in bloating, puffiness and less inflammation. I am so grateful that once I finish up the digestion issue I can immediately jump back into my DNA results protocol and feel confident I will be in great health.

I am beyond grateful to Dr. Sam and his caring approach to functional medicine.

-Nicole Lambardo, Money Mentor 

Are you ready to discover your ideal diet and achieve optimal health?

My clinical experience has shown me that people struggle to get better because they have not been adequately evaluated in a truly holistic way, covering all 10 of the Pillars of Health. Once the ‘crumbling’ pillars are identified, you’ll receive a straightforward set of recommendations to rebuild those pillars.