A functional practitioner, and genetic expert healing you through natural medicine.

For over 20 years, I've devoted my life to health and science, learning how to heal myself by cross-training across multiple health disciplines and functional medicine, now using the same principles with my online clients.

How It All Got Started

My health journey began as a boy (age 6) with my parent’s stressful divorce. I’ve since then overcome a decade-plus of severe insomnia, gut problems, an inflammatory diet, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and my main two addictions (video games and sugar).

I’ve dedicated his life to alleviate physical, biochemical, and emotional suffering and help others reach the highest human potential and creativity.

I’ve crossed-trained extensively, including a doctorate in chiropractic, degrees, and certifications in acupuncture, functional neurology, genetics analysis, and functional medicine.

My vetted techniques and health principles through personal and clinical experience has allowed collaborate with my clients to help them achieve health, wellness, longevity, and high performance goals.

" One of the most significant medical minds of the 21st century..."

I never got to thank you for helping my wife identify the problems in her liver, it’s because of you that we now have our beautiful baby girl.

Also thank you for pointing my attention towards my video game addiction, I deleted every game off my computer just after the baby was born.

In my opinion you’re one of the most significant medical minds of the 21st century.

I’m deeply grateful for you and your work.

– Vincent

Primary Clinical Focus

Dr. Sam Shay helps you solve your chronic health mysteries with, specialized genetics analysis for determining the best way to lose weight, genetics-based diet determination, sugar addiction cessation, screen addiction cessation, gut health, including hidden infections like candida, auto-immune concerns, sleep problems, hormone imbalances, advanced lab interpretations – especially mitochondrial, adrenal, liver, gut, thyroid, genetics, & micro-nutrients.

10 Facts About Me

I am:

  • A stand-up comic
  • Now back in the USA after living in New Zealand for 8 years
  • An eBook author (4x) and published 3 online courses

I’ve overcome:

  • Sugar and video game addictions
  • Severe fatigue, anxiety & depression
  • Bad gut problems, chronic pain

For fun I like to:

  • Watch stand-up comedy
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Dinner with friends
  • Play with my wonderful dog (Lily) 

Coming soon:

  • Book on Better Sleep
  • Book on Sugar Addiction


I would love to help you.

Book a consult call to see if you’re a candidate for Dr. Shay’s comprehensive concierge coaching program, including the 10 Pillar Method™, Functional Medicine, and Functional Genetics.

"...My partner and I are serious Dr. Sam fans and recommend him highly..."

“I decided to share my health issues with Dr. Sam to see if he could help. I had lots of inflammation, insomnia, poor digestion, and blood sugar issues to name a few.

He clearly and concisely explained why certain things were happening. He also had the integrity to let me know that without proper testing, we really couldn’t be sure. It took some time, but eventually, I signed on, got my lab tests, and had my first consultation. His explanations were so easy to understand, I knew why I changed my diet, added the specific supplements, and made every lifestyle change.

My health, emotions, and mental capacity shifted so dramatically for the better that my partner decided to give it a try as well. His health over the past year has improved greatly and he’s a grateful Dr. Sam client now. We have also grown closer and enjoy life together much more since taking Dr. Sam’s council. In short, my partner and I are serious Dr. Sam fans and recommend him highly.”

– Sarina Stone of