We have all asked ourselves the following question at some point… 

How much water should I consume per day?

And the answer is: ~3+ liters/quarts each day.

But, drinking water doesn’t always mean being hydrated. When water enters your cells THAT IS hydration. People who drink water may not be fully hydrated because it takes more than just water to get water into your cells.

Your cells have a fat-based fortress that protects them with several gates that allow nutrients in and waste out.

For water to get through the fat-based fortress, it has to travel on the backs of other nutrients such as minerals and glucose. In addition, slightly acidic liquids will help open the gates wider for minerals and glucose to pass through, carrying more water.

Now, I’m going to talk about something possibly a little strange: Gatorade. When we look at Gatorade it’s really just acid-sugar-mineral water. Gatorade, although it contains several chemicals that are unhealthy like dyes and preservatives, actually hydrates because it contains minerals, acidity, and sugar.

Again, real hydrating of your inner body is what matters most, not just drinking a lot of water on its own.

What is important is the volume of water PLUS the hydration of water. As we approach these winter months, where you may find yourself looking to rehydrate, try this hydration drink mix easily made with ingredients you already have at home.

In filtered water, add the following:

  • Lime juice (or lemon juice, but lime tastes better) for acidity, minerals and some sugar
  • Good salt (e.g. Celtic sea salt or Hawaiian salt. I don’t like “pink” salt or Himalayan salt because there is likely to be aluminum contamination in it) for minerals
  • A little maple syrup or coconut sugar (don’t overdo it) for minerals and sugar.

Note: I am not endorsing a lot of sugar. I am simply describing the realities of hydration. Don’t use this recipe as an excuse to dump as much coconut sugar and/or maple syrup as possible into your water. If you have real risks of going overboard with the maple syrup or coconut sugar, then add more lime juice and eliminate the sugar component.

The key when preparing this drink is to create it “to taste”. Your taste buds will let you know what your body needs more or less of, and as you hydrate more, you will need less of certain ingredients like maple syrup or coconut sugar.

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