On “Reset Me with Dr. C” (adrenal fatigue podcast) discussing adrenal fatigue and video gaming disorder

So thrilled to be on Dr. Alan Christianson’s “Reset Me with Dr. C”, discussing video games and adrenal fatigue (yes, there is a connection, particularly for the 35+ female crowd that plays a lot of the casual games like candy crush, diner dash, etc.). Listen here, just 16 minutes, on iTunes.

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Gaming Disorder prevention plan for the weekends and holidays: How to keep your loved one from vanishing into a gaming disorder

Growing up, I simultaneously loved and hated the holidays. I loved the holidays because it gave me more time to play video games and I got games as holiday gifts. I hated the holidays because of family obligations (family meals, family outings, etc.) when all I wanted to do was game. I would be physically present at family meals, yet I was really mentally absent, busy planning my next gaming session. I was basically digitally divided from my family.

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Causes of adrenal fatigue

There are multiple causes of adrenal fatigue, both chronic stressors and acute/extreme moments in time. The problem is that both types of stressors are additive. Usually what happens is that people have several chronic stressors for several years, then a major...

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The 5 uses of video games as parenting tools: How they work and how they backfire to create gaming disorder

Parents want their kids engaged and interested in video games so that video games can be tools for behavior and time-management. The observations below come from multiple interactions with parents, adults who spend time with children, conversations with patients who have game-addicted children, and reflections on my personal history with my parents and my former life of 25+ years of playing video games. Rather than demonize parents or the games themselves, I’m shedding light on the specific ways parents leverage video games as management tools so that parents may understand and search for alternative tools.

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