How to determine your unique diet: Click to play the video (<40 seconds long). 

YES! I AM IN. I want to determine my carb tolerance

Confused about diet?

Unsure of carbs vs fat? 

Gone gluten-free, yet don't feel much better?  

Ready to uncover your unique diet?

Diets trends come and go, yet your genes stay the same.

It's time for you to stop guessing how to eat and know all of the facts! 

Learn to genetically determine your unique diet with this simple genetic test (just a cheek swab).

If you have 20 copies of this gene, you have a CarbChoice score of 20, meaning you have 20 chutes spitting out amylase pacmen, easily chewing through a big pile of carbs. 

If you only have one copy of the AMY1 gene, you have a Carbchoice score of 1, meaning you have only 1 chute spitting out amylase pacmen, which isn’t enough to break down even a small pile of carbs.  

Even if the carbs are organic and gluten-free, the remaining undigested carbs become inflammatory, irritating, and imbalancing to the gut and gut bacteria, causing digestive problems with systemic consequences, which is exactly what happened to me. 

Turns out, I have a Carbchoice score of 2, meaning I only have 2 chutes making pacmen, which explained why even small amounts of carbs, even if they are organic and gluten-free, still badly caused embarrassing and uncomfortable digestive problems.  

I used to think I was gluten-intolerant, but in reality, I’m genetically “carb intolerant”.  

Fortunately, it only took a week of clearing up unnecessary carbs for my Carbchoice score and my digestive problems cleared up for the first time in over 20 years.

I strongly recommend you find out your CarbChoice score. If you have a particular diet you like, don’t worry. You can adapt your existing diet to your Carbchoice score and I can teach you how. 

Just click the button below to get your CarbChoice profile and you can see how it compares to and integrates with 15 other diets, such as the paleo diet, ketogenic diet, slow carb, mediterranean diet, blood type diet, the 5 types of vegetariansims, metabolic typing, weston a price, and others. We’ll can cover them in our 30 minute follow-up call when you get your CarbChoice genetic test today. 

Diet trends come and go, yet your genetics stay the same. CarbChoice is truly personalised nutrition through functional genetics. 

Your Carbchoice profile comes with a 30+ page report, including food lists of what to eat and what to avoid, and how to temporarily boost your amylase pacmen production by up to 500% higher for those higher carb events, like a birthday parties, social event, or business lunches, even if you’re a low CarbChoice score like me.  

A kit will be mailed to you anywhere in the world. You can do this simple cheek swab in the comfort of your own home, and I'll also email you video instructions on how to (and not to) do the cheek swab.  

And for a limited time, your CarbChoice Profile will include a 30 minute consult with me, Dr. Sam Shay, DC, by phone or Skype to answer your questions about your CarbChoice profile and personalized nutrition.  

Just click the button below to get your Carbchoice profile + 30 minute follow-up coaching call to discuss your results that will last you a lifetme. 

About Your Host: Dr. Sam Shay

Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Fitgenes Practitioner

I’ve taught diet and nutrition since 2000 and I thought I knew almost everything there was about diet, then I was surprised by my Carbchoice #. 

This test changed my life for the better. I want to share that same opportunity with you. 

How Does The Genetic Test Work?  

  • Through a simple cheek swab test, your unique DNA test is sent to Australia, where the results are then emailed back to Dr. Shay. He will review the results and send you a report, which includes dietary recommendations. 
  • From there, he will then schedule your 30-minute coaching session to answer your questions and help you formulate your diet plan. 
  • This genetic test will reveal level of carbs in your daily life. This test also has strong implications for how you exercise and handle other lifestyle factors.  
  • By making these correct choices you can influence how your genes express, like a dimmer switch. You are no longer a victim of your genes!  
  • You only need to take this test once for life. Unlike other functional tests (e.g. hormone testing, heavy metal testing), genetic test results stay the same becaus your genes don't change.  
  • Genetic testing is end of 'one-size-fits-all' medicine. Stop the guessing game and get off the health fad roller coaster. Get your genes tested. 

CarbChoice IS for you if:  

  • You struggle with weight loss and just aren't sure why you are not losing weight.  
  • You have tried all of the diets out there and feel overwhelmed about how to get results. 
  • You have tried "gluten-free" and had minimal to no improvement. 
  • You have chronic indigestion (e.g bloating, pain, gas, inflammaton, IBS, or other bowel issues) that isn't responding to probiotics or enzyme.  
  • You are ready to feel energized, happy and healthy.  
  • You want a modern approach, incorporating the best of modern science. 
  • You're sick of asking "Dr. Google" for answers and want real answers. 
  • You're looking for a science-based diet, not a fad diet.  
  • You're ready to get started and take action. 

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