Causes of adrenal fatigue

Causes of adrenal fatigue
Dr. Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP

There are multiple causes of adrenal fatigue, both chronic stressors and acute/extreme moments in time. The problem is that both types of stressors are additive. Usually what happens is that people have several chronic stressors for several years, then a major stressful event happens (fired from a job, sudden death in the family, car accident, legal notice, divorce papers, etc.) and you can’t recover.

Then the symptoms of adrenal fatigue set in, such as exhaustion, periodic energy collapse during the day, such as 11am or 2-3pm, and then a paradoxical energy rush past 6pm or 9pm. Other symptoms include salt cravings, dizziness when standing up too quickly, skin problems, frequent lung issues, mild depression, inability to cope with stress, a drop in sex drive, forgetfulness, increased PMS symptoms, pain or sensitivity just above the kidneys, and sleeping problems.

There are 4 main categories of causes for adrenal fatigue: Neurological, Biochemical, Physical, and Mental/Emotional, each with their own types of chronic and acute stressors. Under Brain/Neurological, there is an overactive-right brain, meaning that the right brain has more connections to the stress response system (the flight-or-fight) system. If someone is more right-brained overall, then they are more prone to chronic stress. Typically females are more right brained than males because there are more estrogen receptors on the right side of the brain. If there is more estrogen in the body, then the right brain is more activated. This is one of the main reasons why women get more of the chronic diseases than males because of the chronic stress response from an overactive right brain. Other neurological issues include neurotoxin exposure, like aspartame.

Watch this video to see if which of these causes are contributing to your adrenal fatigue to to the adrenal fatigue of someone you know.

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