Free Health Strategy Call

Book your Free Health Strategy & Discovery Call with Dr. Shay if you want to:

Attain better health from a current or chronic issue:

  • Do you have low resilience, fatigue, brain fog, sleeping issues, hormone dysregulation, and gut problems?

Perform optimally as a High-Performance Entrepreneur or Biohacker:

  • For entrepreneurs, Biohackers, and Human Potential Enthusiasts who want to optimize based on numbers, data, and cutting-edge science.

“Stop-The-Clock” of the effects of aging:

  • To recapture more youthful levels of fitness, vitality, and resilience. For those who want life extension with high quality of life.

From this call, you will walk away with clarity if you’re a candidate for Dr. Shay’s unique “10 Pillar Method” or Genetics approach. You will have a clear plan moving forward to attain your goals. 

For media inquires (e.g.  interviews on your podcast or summit), please message me below.

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