Genetics Consult Call

With your personal 30-min Genetics Consult Call, you will walk away with:

– Clarity on which genetics labs will support you best

– Review what you’ve tried before in this 1-to-1 time with Dr. Sam Shay

– Get clear next steps to elevate your genetic health with these cutting-edge technologies

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10 Pillar Method™ Call

With your 10 Pillar Method™ Call, you will walk away with:

– An in-depth, comprehensive health analysis

– 60 mins of 1-to-1 time with Dr. Sam discussing your unique health journey

– A full walkthrough of 10 Pillar Method 

– Advisement on personalized functional and/or genetics lab recommendations

– Customized lifestyle tips to start feeling better immediately

Still have questions? Email [email protected]

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