FitGenes DNA Genetic Testing

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FitGenes advanced genetic testing tests for 58 separate genetic variations, which help identify predisposition for future illnesses, and more importantly, what lifestyle changes to diet, exercise, food, and nutrients you need in order to live a long, health life.

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NOTE: Prices from the video above were in NZD and have been converted to USD and the price lowered to reflect the conversion rates. Please understand that the conversion rates may fluctuate.

How FitGenes Can Help

FitGenes personalized profile reports identify your genetic footprint by analyzing a range of genes related to health and wellbeing, fitness, and nutrition. I use this information in conjunction with lifestyle factors to design a personalized and manageable health plan.

It’s true you can’t change your genes but you can affect your expression and influence with the right nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices.

FitGenes Philosophy

FitGenes focus is on the philosophy that your overall health, wellbeing and performance are primarily determined by the basic building blocks of your body and the messages that your genes within these cells send. This is unique to you and is why I use FitGenes to deliver a personalized and targeted healthcare program that can unlock your health potential.

The FitGenes Advantage

FitGenes incorporates published scientific literature that has identified different nutrigenomic outcomes based on genetics, into concise reports. With these reports I can develop personalised a program to improve a patient’s health.


We use genetics to help you understand your body’s responses and identify the best pathways to maintain and improve your health – prevention is better than cure.

FitGenes Genetic Profiling, CarbChoice or Both?

There are 2 FitGenes services:

  • Personalised genetic profiling unlocks your potential for optimal health and wellbeing. Learn More.
  • CarbChoice shows you how your body metabolizes and tolerates starch in carbohydrates through genetic profiling. Learn More.

Contact me today and I’ll help you choose the most appropriate FitGenes test for your situation.

To learn more about FitGenes watch these great videos:

FitGenes – Inspiration & Benefits

In this video, you’ll meet Dr Paul Beaver, PhD, co-founder and FitGenes Chief Scientific Officer. He talks about the background of FitGenes and his commitment to health and wellbeing. Learn how FitGenes developed and Paul’s vision for what can be achieved with specific genetic testing, not for looking for specific diseases, but the drivers behind disease processes like the genes that affect inflammation.

Nutrigenomics & Health Expectancy vs. Life Expectancy

“Exploring the new science of Nutrigenomics” and understanding health expectancy vs. life expectancy with Dr. Paul Beaver, PhD, Chief Science Officer at FitGenes. Interviewed by Dr. Sherrill Sellman, ND

Watch video in 3 parts:

Overcome Your Potential Genetic Weakness and Maximize Your Genetic Strength

Dr Kondrot a world leading Ophthalmologist – Live Interview with Dr Paul Beaver (PhD) Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of FitGenes (Australia) Pty Ltd. (1100KFNX radio, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This interview was broadcast to approximately 5 million listeners.)

You may be wondering why Dr. Kondrot travelled halfway around the world to Australia to meet Dr Paul Beaver and take his certification course in FitGenes. “What I have learned will change the way I practice medicine and the way I look at health and disease.”

Personalize your Health with Nutrigenomics with Dr. Paul Beaver

Interview 05-08-2015 – What Women MUST Know Presents – “Personalize your Health with Nutrigneomics with Dr. Paul Beaver

Dr. Paul Beaver (PhD) is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of FitGenes Ltd, an international provider of genome – based personalized preventative healthcare and wellness services.

For the past 20 years Paul has been developing personalized health solutions for maximizing health potential, based on the latest scientific and medical research in the fields, such as Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. During this time Paul has worked with many healthcare professionals in Australia and internationally towards improving the health and wellness outcomes of clients based on genome- based healthcare.

This commitment means Paul has developed expertise in the scientific field of Nutrigenomics, which is the study of the interaction between our genes, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle choices and our health.

Dr Paul Beaver (PhD) – ANZSOM (Australian and New Zealand Society for Occupational Medicine) Keynote Speaker talk.

At the recent ANZSOM Scientific Meeting in August 2013, Dr Paul Beaver (PhD), Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of FitGenes, an invited speaker at the opening session, gave a very well received presentation titled, “Personalised Genome–based Healthcare in the Workplace – Improving Health Performance and Productivity” (ANZSOM Newsletter Oct 2013))