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Imagine having a comprehensive guide to your unique health landscape that takes the guessing game OUT of your diet, lifestyle, and health.

No more magazine articles, no more 6-pack-abs-in-6-weeks, no more wondering if it works for everyone else but you.

Must be nice, huh?

If only something like that existed.

Well...guess what?

It does.

The way we do that is through GENETICS TESTING FOR YOUR HEALTH.

If you've had your eye on getting tested, consider this your GOLDEN TICKET to cutting-edge genetics testing for your health. Not only that, each purchase of the Genetics Comprehensive Testing also comes with a sweet BONUS (more on that below).

From now until November 29th, 2021, you can purchase a


This one-of-a-kind combination of tests gives you a unique insight into the hidden secrets within your genes.

There's no need to struggle with your diet when your genes can tell you exactly what works best for your body! You'll understand your exact carb tolerance which links directly to which diet is optimal for your gene expression, wellness, longevity, and health.

These tests tell you everything from how your body extinguishes inflammation to how your cells absorb and utilizeVitamin D. The answers lie within your genes.

The FIVE GENETICS TESTS that are included:

Test #1: The "Achieve Your Natural Weight" aka The "Longevity Profile"

Test #2: Find Your Ideal Diet

Test #3: Understanding Your Trigger Foods

Test #4: Vitamin D Absorption

Test #5: Immune Support

Do you want to know the most beautiful thing about investing in genetics testing?

Your genes never change!

That means that all the data and lifestyle intervention tools you receive from these tests are good FOR LIFE. You don't ever have to test your genes again.

What could your life be like if you were operating with your genetics instead of against them?

As a big THANK YOU for ordering your genetics testing, I'll send you a special Lifestyle Guide for Your Genetics!

This guide includes some of my favorite and most effective tips, tricks, lifestyle upgrades, recipes, and helpful insights on how to leverage your unique genetics to level-up your health.

I usually only share these tips with my clients and I want to ensure you can enjoy them over this holiday season!

I'm thrilled to make this genetics testing available for half price for this short window of time.

The insights my clients get into their health through genetic testing are life-changing.

Here's what Nicole Lombardo, Money Mentor & Entrepreneur, had to say:

"Working with Sam has been the answer I have been looking for. For years, I knew something was simply off in my body. I’ve gone through countless tests...only to come up empty handed with no answers.

I started off taking the DNA tests which I love the idea of getting to the root of what my body needs. Dr. Sam was meticulous with his follow up session and the knowledge of what was going on in my body. He was the first doctor to help me realize that extra weight is not always about calories in and calories out. After years of exercising and eating meticulously I never lost weight but instead felt puffy and even inflamed.

Dr. Sam shared that the extra weight could be from inflammation causing water retention or hormonal imbalance influenced by my liver genes not detoxing hormones properly. Once I started the supplement protocol, I had a feeling there was something wrong with my digestion.

After a short consult, Dr. Sam suggested a functional test for digestion. The results were exactly what I suspected. He compiled a custom supplement protocol and my body immediately responded positively. Within days, I noticed a shift in bloating, puffiness and less inflammation. I am so grateful that once I finish up the digestion issue I can immediately jump back into my DNA results protocol and feel confident I will be in great health.

I am beyond grateful to Dr. Sam."

Helping to decode the answers that lie within people's bodies is a passion that drives me forward.

My hope is that you will find more ease, health, and vitality as you live your life for as long as you can. Your genetics will help you understand what you need to get there.

If you have any remaining questions, feel free to send an email to or book a FREE Health Strategy Call HERE.