Genetics Testing

Learn how your genes can be beneficial to your overall health and give you the answers you've been seeking to your health mystery.

Imagine getting a blueprint map for how *your* body best loses weight.

We talk often about solving your wellness mystery, and one of the major parts of doing this is by understanding your genetics.

By knowing your genetics results you can solve questions for root causes of your health issues, create a custom meal plan for your diet and more.

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The Process

Schedule a 15 minute Health Consultation Call (no charge, no obligation)

On this call we'll discuss your wellness goals, what has worked and not worked in the past, and discuss the genetics testing for your health.

After the call if you decide to move forward with Genetics testing, we'll send next steps.

On the call you'll have the option purchase your genetics tests. Upon purchase you'll receive an onboarding guide and access to your online customer and resource portal.

Your Lab Kits are sent directly to your doors. And your virtual online support begins...

After you've made your order, our our clinical nutritionist will order your labs and have them send to your provided address and you'll have the opportunity to schedule your unboxing call on how to prepare for your tests.

A Look Inside the 6 Genetic Lab Tests (and what's included)

" Working with Sam has been as close to a one-stop shop as I could find in this confusing journey of discovering total health."

Are you ready to discover your ideal diet and achieve optimal health?