Did you know that…

Headaches, itchy skin, runny nose, fatigue, hives, and digestive problems are SIGNS that something is wrong internally in your body?

So, It’s time, to be honest with yourself: 

After meals, do you experience any of the above signs or symptoms?

If so, the time to start listening to your body has arrived! 

One of the biggest and most complex culprits of unwanted and unidentifiable symptoms is histamine. Histamine is a protein created by the immune system in response to an attack on the body (this could be a physical injury such as receiving a nail in the hand, or allergic) in order to increase inflammation. Yes, you heard that right. Histamine INCREASES inflammation, that’s what it’s supposed to do. This is actually good when you get a nail in your hand because blood and other fluids rush to the site of the injury in an attempt to “wash away” any harmful bacteria or toxins that might hurt you.

The problem, however, is that there are many foods that are:

  1. Naturally high in histamine
  2. Increase the release of histamine in the body, or
  3. Block the elimination of histamine.


That’s why consuming these foods can cause chronic low-grade inflammation that occurs systemically in the body without you knowing it. This is when we may see the so-called “inflammatory water weight” or allergy-like symptoms that are problematic every day.

Genetically speaking, we all have different predispositions to histamine tolerance. Some people may not be genetically sensitive to histamine, while others may be extremely sensitive. Knowing this data allows qualified health professionals like myself to make even more personalized dietary recommendations to help you reach your health goals, and reduce overall inflammation within your body.

Your trigger food analysis (including histamine) is one part of the larger genetic package. So, be sure to book a health strategy call with me to learn more!


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