How to interpret an advanced Mitochondria Panel – the most important test for your whole metabolism


The ION Panel is the most comprehensive functional test for mitochondrial function, including: Mitochondria health (including using proteins, carbs, and fats for energy), brain inflammation, neurotransmitters, liver (glutathione, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ammonia detoxification, glycine), free radicals, amino acids, fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, 6 minerals, and 5 toxic metals.

Note: Getting the mitochondria test alone only part of the journey: You must have a comprehensive lifestyle and history review prior to having a test done. In order to get the most of out your results, we must know your history, past and present, in order to best target the recommendations based on your mitochondria test.

To book a 15-minute, no-charge appointment to discuss if this test is right for you, go here.

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