An Insight Into Satiety…

Do you feel satisfied after eating?

Or are you constantly trying to satisfy your hunger after meals, feeling like a “bottomless pit”?

Take a moment and really think about which best applies to you.

Now, let’s define satiety.

Satiety can be defined as the feeling of fullness after eating.

Some people feel really full after eating relatively small amounts of food.

Others have this “bottomless pit” sensation in which they tend to overeat. Lack of satiety, or feeling unsatisfied after eating, is linked to an increased risk of weight gain, particularly in a food-rich environment.

Whether you feel satiated after normal amounts of food, or overeat in hopes of achieving this feeling, is all based on your unique genetics.

Those who exhibit a “green dot” for something called ‘satiety feeling’ tend to feel satiated and satisfied after eating normal amounts of food.

Those who exhibit “yellow” or “red” dots for satiety feeling sometimes or never feel satisfied, no matter how much they eat. The reality of being a yellow or red dot is that you will always have this feeling of being “less full” compared to those with green dots.

However, the good news is that you can utilize the RECOMMENDATIONS BELOW to work with your genetics to prevent weight gain, imbalanced blood sugar, overeating, etc.


  1. CONSUME higher fat/protein/water-rich meals, lower carbohydrate-rich meals
  2. INCREASE fiber intake
  3. DO NOT EAT until full! Wait ~10min after finishing a meal to allow your body enough time to trigger the feeling of ‘fullness’ before getting more food
  4. AVOID watching TV or social media or other electronics while eating
  5. TAKE 3-5 deep breaths before eating
  6. CHEW your food more (chew for 3 full breaths per mouthful of food)
  7. ESTABLISH 3 distinct meal times (do not skip meals)
  8. AVOID snacking in between meals


If you want more recommendations and to find your IDEAL DIET, schedule a “Health Strategy Call”.

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