For the past 17 years, Sam has devoted his life to health and science, learning how to heal himself through natural medicine. He now applies those same principles to his patients in the clinic and to his coaching clients online. Sam educated himself in natural medicine through multiple means, including:

  • three bachelor degrees
  • a doctorate in chiropractic
  • a post-doctoral diplomate from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board
  • a fellowship in the American College of Functional Neurology
  • a post-graduate diploma in traditional Chinese acupuncture

Degrees aside, Dr. Sam Shay also spent thousands of hours in post-doctoral training, cross-training amongst a broad spectrum of topics, including:

  • neurology
  • Chinese medicine
  • physiology
  • nutrition
  • rehabilitation
  • injury correction
  • myofascial technique
  • high intensity exercise
  • functional medicine

Most importantly, Dr. Sam Shay vetted his techniques and health principles through clinical experience treating real patients either face-to-face or health coaching online. Dr. Shay’s biggest passion is to teach these health principles to a wider audience.

Through his extensive studies, hands-on experience and concentrated research, Dr. Sam Shay has authored two books (Ending Adrenal Fatigue: Easy Breakfast Guide and 7 Ways to Game Less: How to unplug and live more), and has also put countless hours into curating these notable programs:


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