Reclaim Your Energy and End Mystery Fatigue

Finally, a 5-week step-by-step rescue plan.

This unique program contains all the obvious and not-so-obvious best strategies to regenerate and rejuvenate your energy and feel great. 

You’ll learn the easiest, most effective methods to transform your body and energy without spending hours in the gym, wasting thousands on overpriced gadgets, or constantly obsessing over over food.

This online program has been created from many years of clinical experience, sharing with you the best holistic strategies that work!


Reclaim your Energy contains everything you could want to know about rebalancing your energy levels, reversing ‘adrenal fatigue’ (really called HPA-axis-dysfunction), normalizing your weight, and rebalancing your hormone levels…using the unique “10 Pillars Method”. 

Week 1: Hidden causes of Low Energy & Optimal Breakfasts/Morning Routines.

Week 1 covers the most common hidden causes of low energy and what to do about them.

Week 1 also covers the optimal types of breakfasts and how to construct a simple, yet effective morning and evening routine for optimal energy.

Week 2: Better Ssleep, Easy Stress Reduction.

Week 2 covers the simplest and most effective strategies to easily fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

Week 2 also covers the most important and simplest methods to reduce stress in your life that drains your energy.

Week 3: Nutrition and Detoxification for Better Energy.

Week 1 covers the most common hidden causes of low energy and what to do about them.
Week 1 also covers the optimal types of breakfasts and how to construct a simple, yet effective morning and evening routine for optimal energy.

Week 4: Optimal Exercise, Optimal Body.

Week 4 will cover what type of exercises are best for reclaiming your energy, which types drain the body, and how to safely implement exercise into your life without spending hours in the gym.

Week 5: Optimal Gut, Optimal Brain.

Week 5 covers the all-important, yet least-understand gut bacteria and it's connection to energy. Plus we will cover how to deal with other microscopic influences of energy, namely mold and hidden infections.

Week 5 also covers the secret 'brainkillers' that sap your energy and cloud your thinking and the 5 ways to 'balance' out your brain for optimal energy.

Bonus Week 6: Q & A Session + Bonus topics.

Week 6 is a bonus week devoted to Q & A to round out any remaining questions from the 5 week program.

Plus, week 6 will have some bonus topics to help boost your energy even more.

How is this online course different from others?

The 10 Pillar Method: The Truly Holistic framework

The “10 Pillar Method” includes Brain (your hormone system & brain balance), Bowel (ensuring you remove toxins from the body), Body (structure), Burst (optimal exercise), Bio-toxins (toxins), Bio-nutrients (nutrition), Breakfast (rhythm and routine), Bothers (stress), Bugs (Gut flora, mold, hidden infections, candida), and Bedtime (Sleep). 

Other online courses only focus on a few pillars of health, yet based on Dr. Shay’s clinical experience, 100% of clients who had longstanding chronic health problems, like adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue or chronic sugar cravings, had at least 7 out of 10 Pillars of Health ‘crumbling’ or in ‘disrepair’.

Seven out of Ten Pillars crumbling explains why people struggling with fatigue get mixed results when only addressing a few pillars at a time…because they have many others that need addressing at the same time, synergistically. 

This unique online program covers all 10 Pillars of Health and the easy, practical, and quick ways to rebuild each pillar using the least time-consuming, most effective ways possible.  

If you’ve suffered from low energy, been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, ‘toxic fatigue’, or just find yourself constantly reaching for sugar or stimulants just to make it through the day, than this course is for you. 

About Your Host:

Dr. Shay helps the fatigued reclaim their energy so they can live a purposeful, fulfilling, and joyful life. 

Watch Dr. Shay explain the 10 Pillars of Health and how it practically helps prevent chronic disease. 

Dr. Shay draws on his diverse background of personal experience through his remarkable journey through adrenal fatigue, insomnia, sugar addiction, and video game addiction, as well as his clinical experience as an acupuncturist, chiropractor, and functional neurologist helping people with the most complex of chronic problems. 

Dr. Shay is dedicated to redefining how we approach health, creating a new, 21st century model (The Ten Pillars of Health) which combines the best of common sense, brain science, biochemistry, exercise, nutrition, sleep science, and mind-body medicine.