We offer both genetics and functional lab testing.

Learn how your genes can be beneficial to your overall health and give you the answers you've been seeking to your health mystery.

Genetics Testing

Imagine having a comprehensive guide to your unique health landscape that takes the guessing game OUT of your diet, lifestyle, and health. Well, it's possible! In this service we offer 6 Comprehensive Genetics test to help you know exactly how to fuel and support your body for optimal health.

The 10 Pillar Method™ & Functional Testing

Tired of guesswork and “Dr.Google”? Want to get to the root cause? Get the proper and complete analysis you deserve with Dr. Shay’s comprehensive 10 Pillars Method™ comprehensive health assessment combined with advanced functional testing to get you a customized nutrition, diet, and lifestyle plan

"I have never met a doctor who cares so much about my well being..."

“Thank you so much for all your hard work trying to get me “better.” I have never met a doctor who cares so much about my well being. It has been such a great program for me and it is what I will do forever. There will always be something to improve, work on, and discover. Thank God our DNA is always the same.” 


Are you ready to discover your ideal diet and achieve optimal health?

book a consult call to see if you’re a candidate for Dr. Shay’s comprehensive concierge coaching program, including the 10 Pillar Method™, Functional Medicine, and Functional Genetics.

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