Your Ideal Renter

Meet Dr. Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP

If you made an online profile about your rental, the least I can do is make an online profile about me as your future tenant.

Next steps: Please review my profile below, and if you feel your rental may be a match, please call me at 413-230-8980.
Seeking 1-year lease starting btw June 27- July 14.

I’m a mature & responsible 40-year-old clinician settling in Boulder, seeking a 2-bedroom apartment or a very large 1-bedroom apartment. I’m a well-traveled, well-read functional medicine doctor who only does tele-consults with my clients. I help busy, health-conscious entrepreneurs attain and sustain high performance so they can create more freedom for themselves and others. Special focus on brain health, weight loss, fatigue, gut health, hormones, genetics, and sugar & screen addictions. My website is

I’m an excellent renter: tidy, respectful, quiet, and an excellent communicator. I treat my place as if I’m an owner. I take excellent care of the appliances, furniture, etc. If I see something is broken or not functioning, I will contact you and discuss if there is a way I can fix it myself (with your permission and oversite) without having to replace the appliance. For example, in my current rental in Boulder, I cleaned the back of the fridge from 7+ years of dust clogging the intake and motor. Later, the fan to eject the cold air stopped working properly. The owner offered to replace the fridge, yet I thought a repair would be a cheaper and more effective option for the owner. I helped get the specs and we got a professional in to fix the part, which saved the owner hundreds on a new fridge. This is exactly what I would have done if I owned the property.

My primary focus is my career: I am a public figure as a functional medicine doctor and I’ve written 4 ebooks and created 3 online courses. I have over 80 clinical videos on my Youtube channel and have been on multiple podcasts and online summits. This is a long way of saying I’m a professional and act as such. Your experience of me as a tenant will be clear and straightforward.

Other things of note:

What my absolute requirements are (the ‘nice to haves’ are further down):

Nice-to-have list:

What you will have with me as your renter:

What I expect from you as a landlord:



Stand-up comedy (yes, you read that right), cooking, writing, The Work of Byron Katie, functional exercise, and podcasts on mythology, history, culture, entrepreneurship, science, and health.

If you’re curious about comedy, the video to the right is me in front of a full house comedy club in Louiseville in late 2019 where I pretend to be David Attenborough narrating a National Geographic wildlife special inside a Boulder coffee shop. My descriptions of the Boulder “fauna” were so on-the-nose, that I got an applause break in the second half of my bit (it may be the residents of Louiseville at the club who just relished the satirical description of Boulderites). I’m an introvert by nature, yet the comedy side of me enjoys being on stage once in a while.

I continue my comedy training and the class I’m a part of will have its “Graduation” at the Tilt on June 18th. Long-term, comedy will be my vehicle to describe human behavior.