The Work of Byron Katie:
An Online Course

An in-depth, unique approach to learn The Work

So Here's Everything You Get...

  • Easy 5-module system to learn The Work, including video tutorials. 

  • Turnaround Trainer: A unique and in-depth tool to learn how to do the Turnarounds. 

  • Facebook support: Find inquiry buddies, ask questions, and build community. 

  • Online convenience while emulating the friendliness and depth of a live seminar. 

  • Extensive resource list to support you, including how to get free 1-to-1 facilitation for your stressful thoughts. 

  • Bonus sections: Special topics (e.g. cravings, addictions), Katie videos, interviews with Certified Facilitators & more. 

  • Lifetime access. Pay just once for unlimited access to this innovative and practical online course. 

"I would totally recommend this online course to someone looking to get into The Work because it breaks things down step-by-step and there are all the resources you need to navigate it. I wish I had access to this course before I did my first weekend retreat. I love The Work, it’s hard emotional work but the method is simple and available to everyone. Thanks for making it even more available. You have obviously thought a lot about curating the resources that would be most helpful to people investigating the work – well done."
- Dani Edwards, New Zealand. 

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