Video – The Ten Points of Wellness™ explained

This video shares the new model of wellness for the 21st century. This new model, The Ten Points of Wellness™, is both logical and practical without making you look like some health nut. This video teaches you how to practically improve your health with everyday tools using low-tech solutions with high impact. Basically, you’ll learn how to MacGyver your health.

Presented by Dr. Sam Shay, DC, DACNB, FACFN, PGDip(Acu)

The Ten Points of Wellness™ encompasses all the complexity of health without getting overwhelming.

Topics covered:
00:00 – Why “Wellness” should be taken seriously to save your life, not perceived as a luxury or hippy-like.

02:45 – Brief history of Wellness in the western world. Why wellness today is more complicated than wellness before 1900.

04:37 – New Paradigm of health for the 21st century: Overview of the Ten Points of Wellness™.

09:24 – Brain imbalance: Why men usually die from quick, violent deaths while women usually die slow, painful deaths.
Article mentioned:

15:54 – Bowel care: How to stop constipation to stop auto-toxicity.

17:13 – Body care: Why a properly functioning spine is essential for optimal health and how to help your spine.

Exercise portion – approximately 20 minutes
19:13 – Burst exercise: Why marathoners look like cancer patients.
21:03 – Why cardiovascular research is severely flawed, just like most psychology research.
25:46 – The physiology and anthropology of why marathoners look like cancer patients and why sprinters look healthy and lean.
28:22 – Where walking fits into exercise compared to jogging.
29:04 – Defining Burst Exercise (HIIT).
30:33 – How to accurately measure progress with burst training.
32:04 – How to safely implement Burst exercise.
33:27 – How to “run” a marathon using burst exercise principles and how to use a bicycle or swim in a pool with the same principles
34:42 – Research on the safety and benefits of Burst exercise over cardiovascular exercise.
36:09 – Exercise for your sport versus exercise for your health.
37:33 – Where does “warming up” fit into Burst exercise and health?
39:16 – summary of the benefits of Burst exercise

40:17 – Bio-Toxins: The 10 Modern Bio-Toxins you have to avoid.

43:16 – Bio-Nutrients: The 10 modern nutrients you need everyday.
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44:36 – Breakfast: Why bad breakfasts contribute to chronic disease.
Ebook at Teaches you how to lose weight, heal the adrenal glands, and boost metabolism through better breakfasts.

47:24 – Bothers: How to deal with stress in an overwhelming world.

48:48 – Bugs: How to balance your gut flora and build up immunity.

49:25 – Bedtime: How to nap. Website mentioned:

How to Nap (and not mess up your sleep).

53:50 – List of talks available for organizations or conferences.

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54:05 – If you need personal attention from Dr. Shay in his clinic in Hamilton, New Zealand.
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54:43 – If you want to transform your health with Dr. Shay as your personal online health coach (via Skype) with his 3-month program.

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58:04 – Final review of the Ten Points of Wellness™