Why Marathoners look like cancer patients and other surprising finds in the “Wellness” industry.

[Skip to minute 19:13 if you want to go straight to the marathoning bit. I’d recommend you watch the first 20 minutes though to get more context].

This video shares the new model of wellness for the 21st century. This new model, The Ten Points of Wellness™, is both logical and practical without making you look like some health nut. This video teaches you how to practically improve your health with everyday tools using low-tech solutions with high impact. Basically, you’ll learn how to MacGyver your health.

Presented by Dr. Sam Shay, DC, DACNB, FACFN, PGDip(Acu) at the New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine’s June 2014 launch event. (

The Ten Points of Wellness™ encompasses all the complexity of health without getting overwhelming.

Topics covered:
00:00 – Why “Wellness” should be taken seriously to save your life, not perceived as a luxury or hippy-like.

02:45 – Brief history of Wellness in the western world. Why wellness today is more complicated than wellness before 1900.

04:37 – New Paradigm of health for the 21st century: Overview of the Ten Points of Wellness™.

09:24 – Brain imbalance: Why men usually die from quick, violent deaths while women usually die slow, painful deaths.
Article mentioned:

15:54 – Bowel care: How to stop constipation to stop auto-toxicity.

17:13 – Body care: Why a properly functioning spine is essential for optimal health and how to help your spine.

Exercise portion – approximately 20 minutes
19:13 – Burst exercise: Why marathoners look like cancer patients.
21:03 – Why cardiovascular research is severely flawed, just like most psychology research.
25:46 – The physiology and anthropology of why marathoners look like cancer patients and why sprinters look healthy and lean.
28:22 – Where walking fits into exercise compared to jogging.
29:04 – Defining Burst Exercise (HIIT).
30:33 – How to accurately measure progress with burst training.
32:04 – How to safely implement Burst exercise.
33:27 – How to “run” a marathon using burst exercise principles and how to use a bicycle or swim in a pool with the same principles
34:42 – Research on the safety and benefits of Burst exercise over cardiovascular exercise.
36:09 – Exercise for your sport versus exercise for your health.
37:33 – Where does “warming up” fit into Burst exercise and health?
39:16 – summary of the benefits of Burst exercise

40:17 – Bio-Toxins: The 10 Modern Bio-Toxins you have to avoid.

43:16 – Bio-Nutrients: The 10 modern nutrients you need everyday.
Article mentioned:

44:36 – Breakfast: Why bad breakfasts contribute to chronic disease.
Ebook at Teaches you how to lose weight, heal the adrenal glands, and boost metabolism through better breakfasts.

47:24 – Bothers: How to deal with stress in an overwhelming world.

48:48 – Bugs: How to balance your gut flora and build up immunity.

49:25 – Bedtime: How to nap. Website mentioned:

How to Nap (and not mess up your sleep).

53:50 – List of talks available for organizations or conferences.

54:05 – If you need personal attention from Dr. Shay in his clinic in Hamilton, New Zealand.
Overview of clinic:
Available treatments:

54:43 – If you want to transform your health with Dr. Shay as your personal online health coach (via Skype) with his 3-month program.

58:04 – Final review of the Ten Points of Wellness™

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