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Chronic Stress, Brain Imbalance, & Adrenal fatigue – on Dr. Ahn’s “Food as Medicine Podcast”

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Want to see Dr. Shay’s lecture style?

Below is a list of available talks for your next meeting or conference. Each of these talks has been given before to Australasia Integrative Medical Association (AIMA), Hewlett-Packard (Wellington, NZ), Mind/Body Expos, Prana EcoRetreat, GreyPower, Philosophy groups, and other health/wellness groups.

Health/Wellness/Brain health (7 talks):

  • TALK 1- Aging, Brain, Balance & Health Care: New research on improving balance and brain health in the elderly.
    • This talk covers the latest research performed in Auckland on improving balance in the elderly to prevent falls.
    • Topics include
      • the 3 most important questions to know if you have a risk of falling,
      • additional risk factors,
      • a simple explanation of how the brain and body coordinate for balance, and
      • resources to help improve brain and balance.
    • This talk is ideally suited for audiences 65 and older as falls are a major issue in retirement age.
  • TALK 2- How to Reclaim your Body, Brain, & Bliss: How to get healthy without becoming a health weirdo.
    • This workshop covers a comprehensive framework that redefines wellness into simple strategies to reclaim your life.
    • A 1-hour version of this talk (with emphasis on exercise) was recorded live at the June 15th, 2014 launch event for the NZ Journal of Natural medicine; you can watch the sample here- The Ten Points of Wellness – Explained
    • This talk can be presented in a 1-hour format or extended formats, up to a full day seminar.
  • TALK 3- Corporate Wellness: Brain, Bothers, and Bedtime – A simple guide to corporate stress reduction.
    • This workshop covers several key techniques to enhance productivity while decreasing stress in a corporate setting.
  • The Ten Points of Wellness™ (3 separate talks):
    • TALK 4- The Physical Body: Brain, Bowel, Body, Burst Exercise.
      • This workshop covers the 4 major facets of health for the physical body.
    • TALK 5- The BioChemical Body: BioToxins, BioNutrients, Breakfast.
      • This workshop covers the 3 major facets of health for the biochemical body.
    • TALK 6- The Mental/Emotional Body: Bothers, Bugs, Bedtime.
      • This workshop covers the 3 major facets for the mental/emotional body.
  • TALK 7- The Work of Byron Katie: This talk workshop succinctly covers the entire 4 Questions and Turnarounds of Byron Katie’s “The Work;” complete with live demonstration and free resource material to use this process at home.

Hormone Health (2 talks):

  • Reclaim your hormones, reclaim your life: How to reduce fatigue, cravings, low moods, and pain with this simple morning routine.
    • This workshop covers 5 easy strategies that recharge your hormones, cut the midmorning crash, and cut sugar cravings.
  • Hormone Balancing the natural way
    • This workshop covers an in-depth approach to rebalance hormones, including an overview of hormones in simple terms, the ten major influences on one’s hormones, and practical tools to rebalance hormones within the body.

Cravings/Addictions/Overuse (3 talks):

  • A Holistic Approach to Addiction: Taming the Addiction B.E.A.S.T.
    • This workshop covers the 5-Phase Addiction Cycle (B.E.A.S.T)™, and how to intervene at each stage. If you’re struggling with addiction or are supporting someone who is, be sure that you are:
      • a) identifying the correct phase, and
      • b) using the correct intervention for that phase.
    • Many people who fail to overcome their addiction are treating the wrong phase with the wrong intervention. This talk shows you each phase and how to intervene correctly at each one.
    • This talk also identifies which three phases are common amongst ALL addictions (Food, cigarettes, alcohol, etc), and what to do about them.
  • A Holistic Approach to Video Game Addiction.
    • This unique workshop covers the 5-Phase Addiction Cycle (B.E.A.S.T.)™ specific to video games with detailed strategies on how to handle it.
  • Emotional Eating/Sugar Cravings – A Holistic Approach
    • This workshop covers the 5-Phase Addiction Cycle (B.E.A.S.T.)™ specific to emotional eating and sugar cravings with detailed strategies on how to handle them.

Acupuncture (1 talk):

  • Acupuncture de-mystified: Science, Fascia, Philosophy, and Application.
    • This workshop explains the history, philosophy, benefits, and modern application of acupuncture.

Functional Neurology/Chiropractic (1 talk):

  • The Wobbly Patient: How to easily treat poor balance.
    • This talk covers how to practically treat poor balance in the office.
    • Includes clinical diagnosis and treatment protocols for cerebellar and vestibular imbalance.
    • Note: this talk is for clinicians only.

Food/Nutrition (3 talks):

  • How to eat clean, local, and cheap.
    • This workshop covers how to eat well on a low budget in New Zealand.
  • Anthropology of Nutrition: Weston A. Price’s Research on Indigenous Cultures.
    • This workshop covers a cross-cultural analysis of what humans ate before the industrial age.
  • How to make great salad dressing.
    • This workshop is a practical demonstration of how to make delicious, nutritious salad dressings.

Exercise (1 talk):

  • The Best Exercise for Cardiovascular disease: Why Marathoners look like cancer patients.
    • This workshop covers the new science of high intensity interval training and debunks the erroneous science behind zone cardio workouts, such as jogging and marathoning.

Other topics and specific topics available to suit your group’s needs.

Dr. Shay is available to be your next speaker in Hamilton and other nearby locations in New Zealand. For long-distance locations and international events, additional criteria apply.

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