Let Your GENES Guide Your Health


  • Are you an entrepreneur, mom-preneur, or high performer craving more energy beyond the caffeine?
  • Do you feel perpetually stuck spending too much time, energy, and money getting your body to function properly?
  • Do you want to “Stop-The-Clock” to reduce the effects of aging?
  • Do you struggle with fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, gut and digestion problems, inflammation, hormone imbalance, or stress?
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Get your very own genetically-informed, personalized and comprehensive food plan that nourishes you from the inside out.

Find Your Ideal Diet

What should you eat…

  • Learn which diet you are best genetically adapted to:  Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, or high carb.
  • Learn your best diet for optimal weight, energy, clear thinking, and great digestion.
  • Learn your unique macronutrient profile (Carbs: Protein & Fats)

Understand your Trigger Foods

Do you ever wonder…

  • Will coffee induce anxiety and/or depression?
  • Am I histamine intolerant?
  • Am I lactose intolerant?
  • Am I gluten intolerant and at risk for celiac disease?
  • Am I at risk for alcoholism?
  • Will salt likely raise my blood pressure?

Rewire Your Eating Behaviors

Get insights into…

  • Feelings of Satiety
  • Bitter Taste Perception
  • Sweet Taste Perception
  • Sugar Consumption
  • Fat Taste Perception
  • Response to Fat Intake

    Meet Dr. Sam Shay

    DC, IFMCP, Fitgenes Practitioner, eBook Author

    • Heavily cross-trained across multiple natural health disciplines
    • Certified Practitioner for the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFMCP)
    • Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine Practitioner: Specialized training in functional lab analysis of mitochondria, adrenals, gut-biome, parasites, candida, fatty acids, amino acids, fat-soluble vitamins, and brain inflammation
    • Certified Fitgenes Practitioner: Cutting-edge genetic analysis for your health & wellbeing, diet, food intolerances, Vitamin D Absorption, and immunity
    • Doctor of Chiropractic
    • Acupuncturist (Post-graduate Diplomate in Acupuncture)
    • Creator of the 10 Pillars of Health™, a revolutionary way to assess your health and wellbeing
    • Creator of the “TAME the BEAST,” a guideline to reverse addictions, cravings, and unhealthy habits
    • International speaker and has been featured on multiple podcasts and summits

    Consider Yourself A Biohacker?

    Biohack your Biohacking with the ‘Ten Pillars of Health’

    A practical guide to functional medicine & functional testing.


    This short (~15-20 minute read) eBook will help you stop overwhelm, clear the confusion, and get clarity on the 10 key “Pillars” of health, wellness, and biohacking.


    Whether you are chronically unwell or a high performing “Biohacker” or want to “STOP-THE-CLOCK” by limiting the effects of aging, this eBook is for you. Get the ‘30,000-foot’ view of how to achieve your health goals.


    Bonus: Learn what functional tests apply to your “Pillars of Health.”

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