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The quickest way to ruin your health is by using the healthcare strategies not actually meant for you.

Functional Testing & 10 Pillars of Health – interview on Dr. Shay’s unique system to make your health journey easier to get results.

Which of the 3 “Weight loss types” are you? Learn how genetics testing can teach you how to best lose weight. Already Did a 23AndMe/Ancestry?

The 3 types of Weight Gain with Dr. Beaver, PhD

Functional Genetics for Improved Bone and Overall Health On the latest “Happy Bones, Happy Life” podcast, Margie Bissinger MS, PT, CHC and I delve into what can be learned from genetic testing, and even laughter, to improve our bones and overall health. We even discuss a great exercise that I learned from a practitioner who worked with astronauts to help […]

Improve Bone Health Through Genetic Testing

Genetics for Food Intolerances & Allergies with Guest Speaker, Cristina Fortuno, MSc, PhD In this really insightful interview, diving deeper into understanding the aforementioned Test #3 (Understanding Your Trigger Foods) with Dr. Fortuno. Listen in for a fascinating conversation about the 7 main components of this genetics test and how these results can help you bio-hack your diet […]

Genetic Testing for Food Intolerances & Allergies