A functional genetics practice that provides long term results.

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A genetics-based functional lab testing program offering a unique multi-tiered approach, blending cutting-edge tests with personalized guidance.

Dr. Sam Shay's  uses advanced functional lab testing and integrative coaching to collaborate with you to help you achieve your health, wellness, longevity, and high-performance goals.

He's developed a unique clinical model called "The 10 Pillars of Health" which identifies the root causes of your health problems and identify the most important functional tests to develop a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan for you.

Dr. Shay's Approach to Functional Medicine

"Dr. Shay has been instrumental in helping me with the "Stop the Clock" strategy."

After 15 years of sacrificing my health on the alter of work, I reached out to hiim after an episode of chronic fatigue. As a lawyer, I'm used to extremely high leve of accurateness and detail and Dr. Shay has proven to have exactly those attributes in hsi practice. After analyzing hundreeds of markeers and their interactions, and discusing them wiht his team of top specialists in each field, he dlievers ailer-made plan language recommendtation. Last time I went to speak at a conference, people came asking why I looked 10 years yoner. Some of them are now "stopping the clock" under the direction of Dr. Shay too! 

A former partner at a top US Law Firm


No need for a babysitter, our practice is virtual.






Perks of Choosing Our Practice

We offer functional testing based on your unique needs.

Real in-depth investigation. We are your partner in helping you figure this out.

We work with our clients on a long-term basis.

Dr. Sam has experienced being chronically unwell with invisible illnesses.

Most competitors do not offer both genetics and comprehensive functional testing. We do.

"I'm now 48 and my body looks and feels as youthful again as in my 30s..."

Thank you so much Sam for your expert guidance on my journey to regain my health. You've made the mze of complex health tests, biomarkers and what it all means navigable for me and have turned the daunting challenge to restore my health into a feasible task. I now feel much better than I have in years and the sparkle in my eyes has made a comeback. People have told me that I have a vibrant glow on my face and I look 10 years yonger. Thank you again Sam and I'd higly recommend you to anyone who want to get their health back

Ulrika N. 

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