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Should you be Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, high carb, or some shade of gray in-between? Personalized genetics testing will give you a roadmap to optimal health.

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wellness mama and dr shay

Are video games a fun way to unwind, or a deeper problem? My guest today is clear on his answer.

Interview on WellnessMama.com – Podcast 191: Understanding How Gaming Disorder & Gaming Addiction Are Affecting Our Kids

The quickest way to ruin your health is by using the healthcare strategies not actually meant for you.

Functional Testing & 10 Pillars of Health – interview on Dr. Shay’s unique system to make your health journey easier to get results.

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Which of the 3 “Weight loss types” are you? Learn how genetics testing can teach you how to best lose weight. Already Did a 23AndMe/Ancestry?

The 3 types of Weight Gain with Dr. Beaver, PhD

Taking Care of Mom’s Health with Dr. Sam Shay For busy and overwhelmed moms, it’s easy to think that everyone else’s needs are your #1 priority. It’s important to remember that you are also a priority and when your health soars, so does the health of your family. In this interview, I speak with Katie […]

Taking Care of Mom’s Health

Functional Genetics for Improved Bone and Overall Health On the latest “Happy Bones, Happy Life” podcast, Margie Bissinger MS, PT, CHC and I delve into what can be learned from genetic testing, and even laughter, to improve our bones and overall health. We even discuss a great exercise that I learned from a practitioner who worked with astronauts to help […]

Improve Bone Health Through Genetic Testing

Genetics for Food Intolerances & Allergies with Guest Speaker, Cristina Fortuno, MSc, PhD In this really insightful interview, diving deeper into understanding the aforementioned Test #3 (Understanding Your Trigger Foods) with Dr. Fortuno. Listen in for a fascinating conversation about the 7 main components of this genetics test and how these results can help you bio-hack your diet […]

Genetic Testing for Food Intolerances & Allergies

Imagine getting a blueprint map for how *your* body best loses weight.A new podcast interview that I did recently has hit the air and I wanted YOU to know about it. I joined Board Certified OBGYN, Kyrin Dunston, MD to discuss the three different ways to lose weight based on your genetics.And YES, your genetics […]

3 Genetic-Based Ways to Lose Weight ASAP

Functional Genetics for Improved Bone and Overall Health The ION Panel is the most comprehensive functional test for mitochondrial function, including: Mitochondria health (including using proteins, carbs, and fats for energy), brain inflammation, neurotransmitters, liver (glutathione, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ammonia detoxification, glycine), free radicals, amino acids, fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, 6 minerals, and 5 toxic metals. Note: […]

How to interpret an advanced Mitochondria Panel – the most important test for your whole metabolism