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Genetics Testing

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Break Free of Fatigue and Brain Fog:
Harness the power of natural medicine and holistic approaches to overcome fatigue and rebuild a life of vitality and purpose.

Hormones, Gut, and Adrenals

Recharge and Revitalize:
Dive deep into adrenal health to combat fatigue, boost energy, and reclaim your zest for life through proven methods.

Decode Your DNA:
Unravel the secrets within your genetic blueprint to tailor your health, diet, and lifestyle choices for optimal well-being.

Unlock Your Peak Potential:
Discover the science-backed strategies to optimize your health, performance, and longevity with holistic biohacking techniques.

"...My audience loved his material and would happily have him back."

“Dr. Sam was a wealth of information, professional, clear spoken, funny, engaging, relatable, and he really cares about the topic. My audience loved his material and would happily have him back.”

– Dr. Debi Silber, Host of the “From Betrayal to Breakthrough” Podcast

Book me for Speaking

Dr. Samuel Shay, DC, IFMCP, is a seasoned expert in the realm of functional medicine and genetics, having dedicated his life to unlocking the secrets of health optimization. Navigating his own health odyssey from chronic ailments between ages 6-18, he transcended crippling insomnia, severe fatigue, anxiety, gut problems, spinal pain, and even overcame sugar and video game addictions. Driven by his personal experiences, he ventured deeply into natural medicine, culminating in the creation of The 10 Pillar Method™ - a pioneering approach that gives a panoramic view of the most pivotal and often overlooked facets of health and wellness.

Dr. Sam’s expertise isn’t confined to just health; it melds seamlessly with biohacking, equipping entrepreneurs, mom-preneurs, and biohackers alike to attain sustained high performance. This synergy stems from his belief that wellness isn’t about chasing the latest fad, but understanding one's unique genetic blueprint and nurturing it with tailored strategies.

To those eager to dive into the genetic intricacies of diet, weight gain, brain health, and food triggers, Dr. Shay offers a comprehensive eBook, casting light on these subjects from a genetics-first perspective. He also provides insights on the pivotal role of genetics in dictating dietary choices, from discerning optimal carb-tolerance to unveiling genetic food triggers.

 He's not just an author or practitioner; he's a guiding beacon in the world of health, wellness, and performance. 

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